Revitalize Your Revenue: Unleash the Power of RCM Services

Stay Ahead in Healthcare: Empower Your Practice with Cutting-Edge RCM Services, Experience the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and expert insight with our RCM services. Elevate your practice's financial health with precision-driven solutions designed to optimize every aspect of the revenue cycle

Eligibility and Prior Authorization

Insurance Verification and prior Authorization are critical in the RCM cycle to prevent COB denials and impact reimbursement within the 30-60 cycle.

Coding and Billing

REQS trained medical coding professionals and auditors rigorously follow US healthcare insurance and federal standards.

Payment Reminder Services

REQS include calling patients to remind them of their Patient responsibilities and discuss payment choices or other insurance coverage

Patient Demographics

REQS's dedicated team enters information quickly and accurately

Charge Capture

REQS charges entry as part of its healthcare revenue cycle management services. Our knowledge with various medical billing platforms and specialties

Claim Submission and Follow-up

REQS help healthcare providers submit claims to insurers.

Payment Processing

REQS services include managing and reconciling payments from insurance companies and patients.

Denial Management

REQS continuously monitors and analyses denials, as well as communicates effectively with payers

Analytics and Reporting

REQS analytical and reporting capabilities can assist healthcare providers in monitoring key performance metrics

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